All good things…

Dear Back to Natives,

I never imagined when interviewing for this position just a few short months ago that I would come away with the knowledge I now have about the Orange County wildlands. This summer internship has taught me not only a lot about the various native plants of the Orange County area, but additionally about the operations of a non-profit. When first applying for this internship, I did so because I really bought into the message of restoring and conserving the area that I grew up in through restoration and conservation techniques using native plants and biodiversity. Following my 100 hours with Back to Natives, I have come away with a better idea of what kind of plants are more suitable for this kind of environment to lower water usage, prevent wildfires, as well as the native plants that are the most aesthetically pleasing.

What I enjoyed most about this position was having the chance to have conversations with so many people that are all dedicated towards one common goal. In talking to members of the board as well as the other interns, I was able to come away with a better understanding of what it takes to make a program like this successful. I was very impressed with the dedication of the other interns that I worked with, which in turn made me want to put in the time and commitment to working hard every time I had the chance to do so. So many great people are involved in this operation, and it allowed me to come away with a very positive outlook on the environmental movement as a whole.

In conclusion, I want to thank Back to Natives for the opportunity that you have given me to further expand my knowledge on environmental management and protection. The things that I have learned this summer will most definitely stick with me as I head into the last few years of college in San Luis Obispo. Additionally, I want to thank all those that answered all of the questions I had, whether it be about the grant writing processes or about fire management and policies. I never felt uncomfortable to try and learn something new each and every day that I spent at the nursery or at the Cuesta Kato sight in Dana Point. I won’t forget this amazing position or all of the great people that I have met in my time with Back to Natives

Thank you,

Adam I Broscow