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Going Native: Landscaping Sustainably with Native Plants for Birds and Butterflies

by Reginald Durant

Saturday, October 20th: 1:00 – 2:30 pM

at the Back to Natives Nursery
Join Reginald Durant from Back to Natives to learn all about locally native, landscape quality plants that can help conserve water, eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers, and provide habitat for butterflies and birds. Humans have been living alongside Southern California’s native plants for centuries. Toyon was the first Hollywood celebrity with the native Tongva people, and Beach Evening Primrose basked on sun warmed sand dunes long before the first surfer caught their first wave. The presentation will include pictures of native ecosystems and the native plants that flourish in Southern California. “Fifty percent or more of the water we use daily goes on lawns and outdoor landscaping,” said Back to Natives Executive Director Reginald Durant. “Planting natives is one of the best ways for homeowners and businesses to help solve the crisis brought on by one of California’s worst droughts, that is not over yet.”
“We’ve found that Natives do not thrive with wasteful overhead watering,” said Durant, “They do best with micro irrigation which focuses water to the base of each plant, and can be adjusted to the needs of each plant, saving substantial amounts of water.”
Join us for a timely workshop focusing on our favorite plants to use to save the maximum amount of water while providing the maximum amount of habitat for birds and butterflies, and a beautiful, low maintenance landscape. Reginald designed and installed the landscape design for the first Platinum LEED home in Orange County, as well as for the first home in OC to earn the Build It Green, GreenPoint Rated designation, and many other beautiful, locally native gardens since. Working with Lori Whalen, our volunteer Designer, Reginald has installed numerous landscapes featured in several local native plant tours and home and garden tours in select areas of Southern California.

All About Oaks and Acorns & Refocusing Your Cultural Lens

Saturday, October 27th, 10AM – 2PM

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