What I Learned from Back to Natives

Santiago High School NHS_10-31-15_1_smallMy time as the communications intern for Back to Natives was well spent. It gave me insight in things I had no previous knowledge of; habitat restoration, biodiversity, invasive plants, etc. BTN also taught me how diligent you have to be to successfully run a non-profit organization. Both Lori and Reginald are incredibly dedicated to BTN. They showed me the effort one has to put forth if they really want to see things change for the better.

My favorite part of working with BTN was getting to see the high school volunteers participate in a volunteer event. I saw first-hand the positive impact BTN has in the community. A group of teens came together to improve the environment we live in. That’s something you don’t see too often these days. I will take the skills I learned during my tenure as an intern at BTN, and apply them to the real world.

As for my future, I hope to get accepted into a social work graduate program. I plan on applying to the Cal State University, Fullerton social work program for fall 2016. My ultimate goal is to work with kids who have been lost in the system. Juvenile hall, group homes, foster care, etc. I want to effect change, and the best way I feel I can do that is by working with the youth, because they are our future, and if we’re not investing in our future, there will be no future. Seeing how BTN worked hand-in-hand with the community, gave me profound insight on how to genuinely connect with people. I’ll take that with me on my journey. – Darrell King, BTN Communications Intern