Back to Natives has experienced staff that can provide your organization with presentations, workshops and classes on a variety of topics. We have years of experience leading hikes and walks. Need a speaker? Complete this online form!


Back to Natives is available to present to businesses, community groups, home owners associations, and government agencies on almost any topic concerning native plants, biodiversity and volunteerism. Some topics we cover:

Native Plants:

  • presentation2Conserving Water with Native Plants
  • Native Plants for Medians, Sidewalks & Right-of-Ways
  • Landscaping Sustainably with Native Plants
  • Landscaping Creatively with Native Plants
  • Edible Native Landscaping
  • Think Globally, Plant Locally
  • Butterflies and their Native Host Plants
  • Native Plants for Healing
  • presentation4Why Natives?
  • Native American uses of Native Plants
  • Habitat Gardening for Butterflies and Birds
  • Orange County Butterflies and their Host Plants
  • Back to Native: Alternatives to Traditional Landscape Plants
  • The Color Wheel of the Year: Native Plant Color for every Season

Other Topics:

  • presentation3 Native Plant Irrigation
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Biodiversity and Why We Care!
  • Utilizing Volunteers for Resource Management

Presentation Cost:  $100/presentation  (45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions)

Travel Cost: a $35 fee will be charged for locations within 10 miles of the BTN Nursery in Santa Ana. An additional $1.00 per mile fee (round trip) will be charged to locations beyond 10 miles.

Interpretive Hikes and Walks

hikeBack to Natives Naturalists have many years of experience in leading interpretive (educational) hikes and walks for audiences of all kinds. Our Naturalists are certified by the National Association of Interpretation as Interpretive Guides. We are available to lead interpretive hikes and walks for business and community groups, as well as non-profit and government agencies (including City, County, State or Federal land
managers) on almost any natural history topic. Some interpretive themes include:

  • hike2Orange County Butterflies and their Host Plants
  • Native American uses of Native Plants
  • Solstice & Equinox Walks
  • Wildflower Walks

Hike/Walk Cost:  $100/ 1.5 hour program

Travel Cost: No travel cost if program is scheduled for Santiago Park Nature Reserve in Santa Ana. $35 minimum travel fee everywhere else. No additional mileage fee will be charged for locations within 10 miles of the BTN Nursery in Santa Ana. A $1.00 per mile fee (round trip) will be charged to locations beyond 10 miles.

Classes & Workshops

class2The following classes are offered to groups, but also occasionally to individuals through our education program. Check our website for upcoming classes, or join our email list to be informed of upcoming programs. To schedule a class for your group, email us.

  • Native Plant ID Class. Learn to ID – to the genus level – Orange County native plants by community. This 6 week course takes students to locations throughout OC, covering the coastal sage scrub, chaparral, oak woodland, grassland, wetland, and coastal strand/bluff plant communities. $60/student (min. 10)
  • workshopNative Plant Propagation Class. Participants will learn which native plants propagate best by seed, cuttings, layering, and division, and examine unique methods for mimicking nature’s scarification process. The biology, anatomy, history, and use of these propagation techniques will also be covered, briefly. Each week for ten weeks students will accompany Back to Natives staff on a visit to the Back to Natives Nursery at Santiago Park where they will help propagate native plants for use in habitat restoration and environmental education projects. $60/10 Weeks.
  • Native Container Gardening Workshop. Create a mini plant community using container friendly natives.  One day workshop includes all materials – container, soil, plants, etc. $60/student (min. 10)
  • Native Plant Landscape Maintenance. Learn how to maintain your native garden. Incorporates planning for height, spread and water requirements. Covers commonly used native plants and describes their individual capacity for pruning, accidental over or under watering, and ease of propagation. $10/student (min 10)

trainingOther Professional Services:

  • Restoration Volunteer Training: Back to Natives Restoration can provide training and recruitment for restoration volunteers for your organization!. We will educate volunteers in dry restoration practices. Dry restoration is weed abatement and seeding where applicable, as water is a scarce resource. Each training session will focus on specific aspects of the restoration process from rudimentary tool identification and tool and trail safety training, to non native weed identification and native species training2identification, proper site entry/exit protocol as well as mechanical/physical abatement techniques to reduce soil disturbance and possible weed seed germination. “If you don’t know it, don’t pull it! Current Clients Include: United States Forest Service, Trabuco Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest. To schedule a training for your group, email us.
  • Habitat Restoration Consulting. Let Back to Natives assist your organization with habitat restoration with research and development of an historically accurate and location appropriate species list. For habitat restoration consulting, email us.
  • Native Plant Landscaping. Water conservation and costs of garden maintenance are turning most people sour towards lawn and gardens. Let Back to Natives examine your site to give you the tools and information necessary for a more successful landscape. See our Landscape Design page for more details and pricing.