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Back to Natives Nursery at Santiago Park

The Nursery is open every Saturday from 10AM to 3PM.

Closed in inclement weather! If in doubt, call 949-509-4787.

Why YES we are growing locally native milkweed! It is not yet large enough to sell, but we promise to post availability here when it is!

Please leave your dogs or other pets at home when visiting the BTN Nursery. We are connected to the Santa Ana Police Wheeler Canine Training Facility, and we are growing these plants for habitat restoration. Your dog could compromise Police training if it is occurring and our efforts of habitat restoration by marking the plants and preventing their use in habitat.

The Back to Natives Nursery in Santiago Park features a 30’x36’ greenhouse and 40' x 50' shade structure where volunteers propagate plants for habitat restoration and for sale to the public to raise funds for environmental education programs.

The nursery is also open for educational programs and volunteer events, or by appointment.

Check a current plant availability list HERE.

Nursery questions?

Native Plants for SALE at the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza!
April 23 – April 26, 2015
Landscaping with native plants conserves water – an increasingly scarce natural resource – and saves money.  Using natives eliminates the need for pesticides, which harm beneficial insects and other animals, and reduces our exposure to toxic substances. Natives also require less mowing, pruning and fertilizing.  A well planned native plant landscape even attracts birds and butterflies.  Come purchase some native plants from Back to Natives at the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza!  Proceeds go directly to our environmental education and habitat restoration programs.

Native Plant Demonstration Garden at the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza!
April 23 – April 26, 2015
Come check out Back to Native’s demonstration garden at the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza! This year’s garden is called “Taking a Break”. We all deserve to take a break now and then, and a well-designed landscape can feel like a vacation each time you step into it. Back to Natives teamed up with Pottery Barn to create the ultimate backyard get-a-way! Enjoy the summer breeze under a rustic portico as you lounge on a Pottery Barn Chatham Sectional crafted from FSC-certified mahogany. A splendid native Chalk Dudleya rests on an Abbott Coffee Table, along with two glasses of Chardonnay – sit back and enjoy some conversation with a good friend!  Three small Tecate Cypress trees provide privacy for our enchanting outdoor retreat, and a hedge of locally native plants compliment the reclaimed wooden fence cradling our heavenly hideaway.  Watch as hummingbirds patrol their territory of bright red California fuchsia flowers, and butterflies flutter from monkey flower to penstemon – there is always a show to see in a Native Plant Landscape. Feel like getting your hands dirty? Gardening tools, gloves, pots, and wildflowers await you on the Abbott Zinc-topped Island and Hutch potting bench. Nothing is more relaxing than creating something beautiful.

Free Workshop:  Container Gardening with Native Plants
Saturday, April 25, 10:30AM at Pottery Barn
Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza

Reginald Durant of Back to Natives will discuss which native plants are best for container gardening, how to water and maintain native plants in containers, and he will give a planting demonstration using pots from Pottery Barn. He will show some locally native, landscape quality plants that can help conserve water, eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers, and provide habitat for butterflies and birds. An additional question and answer session with Reginald is scheduled at the BTN plant sale booth on April 25 from 12 to 1PM.

Directions:  PLEASE obtain directions before getting in your car!  If you use your GPS and go to this address, you WILL get lost!

This is the closest address to the nursery:

600 E Memory Lane
Santa Ana Ca, 92705

The Google links are more precise.

Google Link (from the 5 fwy):

Google Link (from the 22 fwy):

Parking:  After you turn in at the Santiago Nature Reserve Sign, drive past the Nature Center and park. Carpooling is recommended. Parking is extremely limited. Here is a map.

Santiago Park Nature Reserve Sign

Where to meet us: 

1. Walk east down the road, away from the street and the Nature Center, past two metal slides on a steep hill.

2. Turn left at the gate just before the railroad bridge. If you make it to the Archery field you have gone too far!

This is the gate:

No donation is too small, and any support that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Donate to the Back to Natives' Nursery at Santiago Park.

For volunteer opportnities,click HERE.

Thank you to these Donors for helping the BTN Greenhouse become a reality!

Rachel Ameser
Alice Apkarian
Ara Apkarian
William Ayer
Lisa Bravo
Deborah Brin
Scott Burau
Christine Carrier
Don Cribb
Virginia Dodge
Stephen Ehrenberg
Roberta Fox
Naomi Gruenthal

Rosemary Hackett
Curtis Hildt
Becky Hinton
Carol Hinton
The Hoffman/Jastermsky Family
Sarah B Jayne
Eden Kennan
Debbie Koken
Sharona Keshrim
Kevin Lam
Doug McCaulley
Jennifer McElfresh
Steven Morton
Leon Nash
Julianne Nichols
Tricia Nichols
Jeannie Pascuzzi
Heather Pritchard
Susan Rodriguez
Mitchell Shatzen
Melissa Teeling
Eileen Tsai
Margaret Weir
Lori Whalen
June Yamada
City of Santa Ana, Parks & Recreation Department
Mothers Market & Kitchen, Santa Ana

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