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Native Landscaping Services

Back to Natives Restoration staff are happy to schedule a native plant landscaping consult with you at our Santa Ana Nursery location. Bring photos of your yard and get ready to leave with plenty of ideas! A 30 minute consult costs only $25. To schedule your appointment, email us.

We will be offering several landscape workshops and seminars throughout the year. Stay tuned to our Events Page!

See our portfolio. Download our brochure.

We will be accepting new design/installation clients in the Fall. In the meantime, please complete our NEW CLIENT INTEREST FORM. Once we receive this we will get back to you regarding your native plant landscape design/installation.


BTN is a licensed c-27 Landscape Contractor, license # 963706. Proceeds support our environmental education and habitat restoration programs. For more info on pricing or to schedule a consultation, send us an email or call 949-509-4787.

Locally native plants are beautiful. They attract butterflies and birds. They can help you save water, eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers, and reduce maintenance needs. A native plant landscape will save you money and help the environment.

We encourage and use only California Native plant species, using species as locally native as possible. We do not advocate or use hybrids or 'California Friendly" species. More on this here: Why non-natives are BAD!

'With over 1200 species and counting of native plant species in Orange County and over 5000 in California, choices are almost endless for that 'specific look' you are in search of! .


Fee Schedule for property owners:

Onsite Consultations: $60.00 per hour, minimum 2 hour, averaging 2-3 hours depending on question and answer time and time for measurements if any.

Design Time: $120.00 per hour minimum 4 hours. Hours vary depending on lot size odd angles and curves, obstructions, special needs etc. All designs include species legend and availability

Removal & Installation: $40 per hour. BTN can perform removal of old landscaping and soil conditioning (hardscape removal is $45/hour). BTN can perform Installation of new landscape softscape (plants/mulch).

Irrigation: Irrigation Modification Design hours charged at $60.00 per hour. BTN can perform irrigation installation and modification. Hours charged at $4.67 per linear feet of line and $10.00 per micro emitter assembly.


Why hybrids are bad:

"Hybridization is a major cause of extinction worldwide because of translocations of organisms and habitat modifications by humans. Understanding the processes of hybridization and the different types of hybrids that are produced is important for developing effective conservation policies to deal with hybridization."

The problems with hybrids: setting conservation guidelines
Trends in Ecology and Evolution, pp. 613-622(10)
Authors: Allendorf F.W.; Leary R.F.; Spruell P.; Wenburg J.K.


A native plant landscape design consult at the Nursery.

Hummingbird on Sage
A hummingbird approaches Island Snapdragon in Irvine.
California Sagebrush and Bush Mallow in the background.

White Sage, Golden Yarrow
Coral bells, dudleya and other natives in Irvine.
Coral Bells in Flower
Coastal Sage Scrub plants in Newport Beach
Bladderpod and Prickly Pear make a lovely hedge in Huntington Beach.


Check out some pics of landscape quality native plants.